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Vicky Stromee’s fascination with photography began at an early age. Her father was a photographer and her mother a painter and a pianist. From an early age she was immersed in the arts. Watching the magic of an image emerge from the developing tray in the basement darkroom; spending afternoons lying under the baby grand piano, with the waves of sound resonating around her. Texture, pattern, fluidity, and change - these earliest influences continue to unfold in her work. 

Vicky has lived in Tucson since 1976 when she moved here to pursue a Master’s Degree in Counseling at the University of Arizona. When she retired from a long career in counseling, she turned her attention to photography, ultimately finding her niche in photographing natural subjects. Her work with a close-up lens reflects a unique eye for composition and form. Vicky’s work hangs in galleries, as well as in private and corporate collections from Vermont to Oregon. Her work has been featured at Waxlander Gallery in Santa Fe, PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury VT and Afterimage Gallery in Dallas. She has representation through Cynthia Byrnes Contemporary Art in New York. Since 2009, 13 of Vicky’s works have received honorable mentions from the International Photography Awards. In 2015 she was selected for ASMP’s Best of 2015 (American Society of Media Professionals).

Gallery Representation

Cynthia Byrnes Contemporary Art
New York, NY

Afterimage Gallery (2016-2018)
Dallas, TX

PhotoPlace Gallery (2009-2013)
Middleburry, VT

Waxlander Gallery (2010-2011)
Canyon Rd.
Santa Fe, NM


13 International Photography Awards between 2009 and  2018. Honorable Mentions in Fine Art; Landscape; Editorial: Environment; Nature; Abstract

Texas Photographic Society premium selection for 2016

ASMP Best of 2015 (Dreams of Flight)

Kenneth Ryan Visual Arts Award 2011

Solo Exhibitions

Dreams of Flight
Porter Hall, Tucson Botanical Gardens

Four Corners Gallery at Tucson Desert Art Museum
Tucson, AZ

Intimate Details
Griffin Museum of Photography at the Cambridge House Gallery
Cambridge, MA

Intimate Details
Griffin Museum of Photography at the Aberjona River Gallery
Winchester, MA

Tucson Botanical Gardens
Tucson, Az

In the Gardens
Tucson Botanical Gardens
Tucson, Az

Alchemy: Water's Transformation
Ravenscroft Hall
Tucson, Az

Tucson Botanical Gardens
Tucson, Az

St. Phillips (Murphy Hall)
Tucson, Az

Access Tucson
Tucson, Az

Tucson Botanical Gardens
Tucson, Az

Juried Group Exhibitions

Abstraction (Paula Tongarelli, director), Griffin Museum of Photography, Boston

Portraits (Paula Tongarelli, director), Griffin Museum of Photography, Boston

Forgotten (Blue Mitchell, juror), ASmith Gallery, Tx

A Hope, Prayer and a Dream (M Corn & L Burlton, jurors)
Houston, Tx

Fishing for Iconography 2 (A Smith & K Tully, jurors), A Smith Gallery, Tx

Open Call (Paula Tongarelli, juror) Davis Orton Gallery, NY

Vistas (Dan Burkholder, juror), A Smith Gallery, Tx

Aviary (Paula Tongarelli, director), Griffin Museum of Photography, Boston

Trees (Paula Tongarelli, director), Griffin Museum of Photography, Boston

Flight (L Moya, juror), PhotoPlace Gallery, VT

All Art Arizona (curatorial staff), Art Intersection Gallery, AZ

Imagined Realities (Tom Chambers, juror), PhotoPlace Gallery, VT

Space (Paula Tongarelli, director), Griffin Museum of Photography, Boston

What is Nature? (curitorial staff), Tilt Gallery, Scottsdale

Summer Solice Wheat Pasting, Cadillac Ranch, TX

Blood Moon (Your Daily Photograph), Duncan Miller Gallery

Blue (Your Daily Photograph), Duncan Miller Gallery

Still Life (Del Zogg, juror), The Center for Fine Art Photography, CO

Fishing for Iconography (A Smith & K Tully, jurors)
ASmith Gallery, TX

Shootapalooza Alumni Exhibition, ASmith Gallery, TX

All Art Arizona (curatorial staff), Art Intersection Gallery, AZ

Golden Hour (Eddie Soloway, juror), PhotoPlace Gallery, VT

Treasures (Roy Flukinger, juror), ASmith Gallery, Tx

Blue (Arthur Meyerson, juror), ASmith Gallery, Tx

Water (S. Gayle Stevens, juror), ASmith Gallery, Tx

Marvelous Things: The Art of Still Life (Aline Smithson, juror), PhotoPlace Gallery, VT

Blue (Joanna Hurley, juror), Darkroom Gallery, VT

Water: Elemental and Fundamental (Laura Moya, juror)
PhotoPlace Gallery, VT

In Praise of Trees
(Kirstin Hoving, juror), PhotoPlace Gallery, VT

Conversations (Ken Rosenthal and Lisa M Robinson, jurors), ASmith Gallery, TX

Human Altered Landscape (Russell Lord, juror), PhotoPlace Gallery, VT

Downtown (Peter Liepke, juror), ASmith Gallery, TX

Illumine (Robert Hirsch, juror), Darkroom Gallery, Vt

Masquerade (Aline Smithson, juror), New Orleans Photo Alliance

Imagined Realities (Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison, jurors), PhotoPlace, Vt

Trees (Ellen Jantzen, juror), A Smith Gallery, TX

Birds, Blooms, and Bugs (curtorial staff), Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, AZ

Mainland (Stella Kramer, juror), The Kiernan Gallery, VA

Birds, Blooms, and Bugs (curatorial staff)

Car Culture (David H. Wells, juror)

Botanicals (Sharon Beals, juror)

Mountains and Sea (Alan Nyiri, juror)

Looking Back: The Art of Nostalgia (Mary Ann Lynch, juror)

All Art Arizona (Art Intersection curatorial staff)

Edges of Night (Sean Kernan, juror)

Environmental Concerns (Kate Ware, juror)

The Magic of Light (Aline Smithson, juror)

All Souls Procession (Ann Simmons-Meyers, juror)

Alternate Realities (Laura Moya, judge)

Light Sensitivity (Becky Senf, juror) 

Beyond the Lens (Joseph Labate, juror)

The Four Seasons (David Middleton, juror)

Lay of the Land: The Terrain of the 21st Century (Flavia S. Zúñiga-West, curator)

Wonderland (Blue Mitchell, juror)

Stormy Weather (Gary Hart, juror)

Abstraction in Photography (Stephen Strom, juror)

Flight (David Bram, juror)

Natural Wonders (David Middleton, juror)

Floral (Sally Apfelbaum juror)

Animal Magnetism (John Willis, juror)

Blue (Aline Smithson, juror)

Water (exhibition catalogue cover)

It's Still Life (RayKo Gallery curatorial staff)

Contents Interiors (curatorial staff)

Juried Portfolios
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art 2009

Phoenix Home and Garden, November 2007
Desert Water Gardening (cover), October 2008
Phoenix Home and Garden, February 2009
Harmony Magazine (cover and IFC), October 2011
Tucson Botanical Gardens Magazing (cover), Summer 2013
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