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I am interested in edges and intersections of transformation where one thing moves inexorably to become something else. When, for instance, does the caterpillar end and the butterfly begin?
When is the moment when love fades into anger and resentment; when disillusionment erupts into a violent uprising; when order descends into chaos? And when is the moment when war turns towards peace; when unbearable grief shifts towards acceptance; or when pain gives way to relief? 

Thanks to my training as a psychotherapist, I have witnessed the transformation of the human spirit. I am in awe of resilient clients who pick up the pieces of a broken life and find a regenerated purpose.

The natural metaphors of transformation are abundant: the caterpillar to butterfly, the aging process and changing states of matter, to name a few. In my work I seek out places where a close-up view of a known object reveals new patterns of color, texture and form. I'm inspired by the edges of things: where land meets sea, rock becomes earth and sky becomes cloud.
The natural environment shows us that all things change. Transformation starts the moment something comes into being, hurtling towards disintegration and then resurrecting in a new form. For me, this is a promise of renewal and a reminder of my connection to everything else.

I am fortunate to call the Southwest—a place of incredible natural beauty—my home. My photographs are of the images that surround me every day, neither posed nor staged, photographed in their innate surroundings, and in available natural light. All images are captured using a Sony NEX7 or Nikon D3X. Digital files are optimized using Adobe Lightroom and then carefully printed in my studio using an HP Z3100 printer using pigment inks on fine art papers. Archival prints are editioned, signed and dated.

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