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  Artist Statement

Changing States of Matter

I am interested in edges and intersections of transformation where one thing moves inexorably to become something else. When, for instance, does the caterpillar end and the butterfly begin?

When is the moment when love fades into anger and resentment; when disillusionment erupts into a violent uprising; when order descends into chaos? And when is the moment when war turns towards peace; when unbearable grief shifts towards acceptance; or when pain gives way to relief?

Where do the clouds end and the sky begin?

When I look up at night I see only the past – light from these stars left millions of light-years ago. Does a star exist as long as the light can be seen? Or did it cease long before the light reached my eyes? And if I were to travel towards it at the speed of light, at what point in space would the light end?  

Where does a thing exist? Or is existence conferred by the observer?

When, exactly, does matter change from one state to another?

The alchemist sought to resolve the mystery of transmutation – changing an insubstantial substance into gold – and in the process transformed themselves.

In classical physics there are fixed principles: “Phase transitions occur at very precise points, when the energy (measured as temperature) of a substance in a given state exceeds that allowed in the state.”  When the temperature drops, water freezes into crystalline structures.

In quantum physics everything is in flux, shape-shifting energy fields whose potential becomes frozen into a state only when a method of observation is selected.

For me, the camera is my means of observation. 

I am fortunate to call the Southwest—a place of incredible natural beauty—my home. My photographs are of the images that surround me every day, neither posed nor staged, photographed in their innate surroundings, and in available natural light. 
All images are captured using a Fuji S5Pro or Nikon D3X with a Tamron SP AF Di 90mm macro lens. Digital files are optimized using Adobe Lightroom.  

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